Space Pioneers LLC, “Make a Ripple in Time”, Suing the BBB over Property Rights in Space

Space Pioneers LLC, Makes A Ripple in Time, Suing BBB Over Private Property Rights in Space BELLA VISTA, Ark., March 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Can you own a piece of the moon? The legal discussions and opinions have been gathering steam among some pretty prestigious institutions and the idea...

Space Pioneers Make a Ripple in Time

Please go to and participate in our contest Lunar Vacation Reviews. What would you say if you had recently spent a week of vacation on the Moon. Some experiences were good and some not so good. Let us know your imagined experiences. We will select two vacation reviews...

Space Pioneers

Please go to and you can explore and play Nasa space games for no charge. We invite everyone to review The Nasa Technology Transfer Program and The Nasa Open Source Software Program. Come to our website and learn how to participate in all these programs courtesy of Nasa....

Space Pioneers Darkside of the Moon

Please go to caim your free acre on the Darkside or Nearside of the Moon. Enter your name and e-mail and you will recieve a printable Derivative Conveyance Claim with your lunar address. We will post your name, country, and lunar address. When you Google your name your...

Space Pioneers

Please go to and get a copy of the 1967 multilateral space treaty, claim your acre for no charge on the moon or the darkside of the moon.

Space Pioneers

Space pioneers needs everyone in the world to get involved so space is truly for the benefit and interest of all mankind. lets show the world what the world wide society can accomplish peaceful. please go to and get involved thanks jeffrey sablotne

Space Pioneers

Private property rights in space must be granted to ensure the proper, optimum, and unhindered use and utilization of the immense resources in space so they are effectively implemented for the benefit and interest of all mankind. Thanks jeffrey sablotne

Make a Ripple in Time

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