Space Pioneers ” Make a Ripple in Time” Private Property Rights in Space are Intertwined with Human Rights

This discourse will take a multi layer research approach that private property rights in outer space are intertwined with human rights which will require the impact of an international social movement. The United States civil rights movement peaked in the 60’s through the early 80’s. This time period when studied includes the expansion of voting rights, gains in political power, desegregation of schools, and the emergence of white flight academies. I will clarify the importance of an international social movement needed to impact earth to become a space faring society and the constraints the movement will face. Twenty years of study has shown that the space program is in transition from a multi governmental competition to include a private society effort. I utilized several research methods. The data has been collected from newspapers, published reports, archives, personal studies, governmental contracts and numerous published governmental plans for space. Some elite people view governmental agencies, courts, and political parties, as the agents driving institutional change. The fact is they acted in response to the pressure brought to the point of stress and urgency by the impact of the social movement. This discourse challenges the argument that the governments are implementing the right approach for society to be included in the space program. Historically, society has relied on governmental agencies for change, when in fact this will require the impact of an international society movement for change. Challenging the governments with societal movements will establish the infrastructure and a never ending legacy necessary to establishing the individual’s position in the private space program.